A Call for a Cull

On Jan.21, 2017, the French island of Reunion lost another life to a shark attack; Alexander Nussance. This was the eighth death in the area out of 20 shark attacks off of the island since 2011. Pro-surfer Jeremy Flores posted a tribute to the young bodyboarder and Kelly Slater, arguably the most famous surfer alive, […]

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Oceanic Politics

With only a few months left in office, President Obama has been a busy man in working to cement his legacy. From his recent actions, it seems like he is focusing on the environment given his expansion of the¬†Papahanaumokuakea¬†Marine National Monument, the creation of the Remote Pacific Islands National Marine Monument, and the designation of¬†Northeast […]

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Let the Tweets fly

I took a slightly different approach to this assignment (which I hope is okay). On Sunday I covered a lecture on sharks of New England and predation habits of white sharks off of the Cape. The lecture was given by Dr. Tom Burns, a local veterinarian and a self-taught shark researcher. Through his lecture, I […]

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Just keep Tweeting

I love Twitter. But in actuality it’s more of a love hate relationship; I often use it to get my news but also sometimes it’s a chore to actually be present on the platform. In my first post which named a series of blogs/news outlets I follow, the majority of those sources have come from […]

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