A Call for a Cull

On Jan.21, 2017, the French island of Reunion lost another life to a shark attack; Alexander Nussance. This was the eighth death in the area out of 20 shark attacks off of the island since 2011. Pro-surfer Jeremy Flores posted a tribute to the young bodyboarder and Kelly Slater, arguably the most famous surfer alive, […]

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King Tide

Within the past month, king tides have been making an appearance in Boston. As noted in a Boston.com article, a king tide is the highest tide of the year, and occurs when the Earth, sun, and moon are as close to each other as possible. These tide can tide over two feet higher than average. […]

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Apex predators, just off shore

I’ve always had a certain respect for the ocean. Growing up on the Cape I’ve always lived within minutes from the ocean. I’ve seen how the tides have shaped the shores, sandbars moving up and down the coast, and beaches being lost to erosion. Along with the shores, species have come and gone. With more […]

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Just keep Tweeting

I love Twitter. But in actuality it’s more of a love hate relationship; I often use it to get my news but also sometimes it’s a chore to actually be present on the platform. In my first post which named a series of blogs/news outlets I follow, the majority of those sources have come from […]

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Motion 53 in the Ocean: International committee votes to preserve 30% of ocean habitats

My approach to climate change and the topics surrounding it has often been a pessimistic one, often followed by the sentiment that we’re too far gone and that not enough people care.  In the words of Robert Swan, a polar explorer and environmentalist, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will […]

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