This morning on the way to class I saw the following tweet from environmentalist and founder of, Bill McKibben: At least 31 Alaskan cities and towns ‘at risk of imminent destruction’ from climate change, says NYT — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) November 29, 2016 I clicked on the story, thinking to myself ’31 towns, […]

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Journalism and the Election

The morning of 11/9 I woke up with my boyfriend offering a sympathetic look as I asked if Donald Trump had won the presidency. I proceeded to make my way to Northeastern, and Boston seemed eerily quiet. Although this post was meant to be for extra credit, it has taken me a few days to unload […]

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Let the Tweets fly

I took a slightly different approach to this assignment (which I hope is okay). On Sunday I covered a lecture on sharks of New England and predation habits of white sharks off of the Cape. The lecture was given by Dr. Tom Burns, a local veterinarian and a self-taught shark researcher. Through his lecture, I […]

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