Tomorrow is the last official day for blogging in this class, but hopefully not the end of this blog! I’ve really enjoyed covering this and looking for some original stories on my own (two in process, one I do not have time to edit by tomorrow and the other is on a currently missing camera […]

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This morning on the way to class I saw the following tweet from environmentalist and founder of 350.org, Bill McKibben: At least 31 Alaskan cities and towns ‘at risk of imminent destruction’ from climate change, says NYT https://t.co/f84CJXNPiN — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) November 29, 2016 I clicked on the story, thinking to myself ’31 towns, […]

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Journalism and the Election

The morning of 11/9 I woke up with my boyfriend offering a sympathetic look as I asked if Donald Trump had won the presidency. I proceeded to make my way to Northeastern, and Boston seemed eerily quiet. Although this post was meant to be for extra credit, it has taken me a few days to unload […]

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I recently went home for an interview on a story I was going to write and post for this class. As I was speaking with my source, who I don’t feel comfortable naming at the moment, they mentioned how they had been misquoted time and time again and are no longer comfortable speaking with the […]

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Let the Tweets fly

I took a slightly different approach to this assignment (which I hope is okay). On Sunday I covered a lecture on sharks of New England and predation habits of white sharks off of the Cape. The lecture was given by Dr. Tom Burns, a local veterinarian and a self-taught shark researcher. Through his lecture, I […]

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