The High Seas

In its legal definition, the high seas is the water 200 nautical-miles off shore. This is effectively the last frontier when it comes to no mans’ land, leaving the fisherman and fish at the mercy of each other and the elements. There is no regulation on how many or the methods used to catch the […]

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Sadly this weekend a great white became strandedĀ on Nauset Beach, in my hometown in Orleans. Although a passerby found the 12-foot-long creature in distress, by the time Greg Skomal and members of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy arrived the creature had died. Last year, three sharks became beached. As reported by the Cape Cod Times: […]

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Provincetown’s other ‘Coastline’

“I’ll go first, so I don’t chicken out,” 22-year-old Savannah Marciezyk said leaning on the front desk of Coastline, a conveniently named tattoo shop in Provincetown, Cape Cod’s outermost sliver of sand. Provincetown is an iconic hub of art, expression, and pride. The town is marked both by the fishing, Portuguese, andĀ famous LGBTQ communities year […]

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Apex predators, just off shore

I’ve always had a certain respect for the ocean. Growing up on the Cape I’ve always lived within minutes from the ocean. I’ve seen how the tides have shaped the shores, sandbars moving up and down the coast, and beaches being lost to erosion. Along with the shores, species have come and gone. With more […]

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