The Poles

What is going on in the poles? A variety of headlines this week have added to the mystery of these icy deserts. For one, Arctic sea ice is as an all time low for this time of year. The area is experiencing an all time high for sea and surface temperatures, as reported by The […]

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Journalism and the Election

The morning of 11/9 I woke up with my boyfriend offering a sympathetic look as I asked if Donald Trump had won the presidency. I proceeded to make my way to Northeastern, and Boston seemed eerily quiet. Although this post was meant to be for extra credit, it has taken me a few days to unload […]

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Women in Technology

Although women have gained a serious amount of traction in the workforce, there are many barriers that still need to be broken. As said by Yvonne Hutchinson, the executive director of ReadySet, in an article for the International Business Times “For diversity efforts to be successful, we need a more complete understanding of who is getting hired […]

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As a vacation destination resident, I have my favorite local outposts; best homemade ice cream, best soft serve… you catch the drift. I love trying new flavors of just about anything, and although my main men Ben & Jerry never fail me with Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, sometimes you just need to step out of […]

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The Final

The end of the semester and my undergraduate experience is soon approaching, which means so are deadlines for final projects. I’ve really enjoyed covering this beat and am planning to continue it after this stage in my education comes to a close. For my final project I’m hoping to revive a project I was hoping to […]

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Sadly this weekend a great white became stranded on Nauset Beach, in my hometown in Orleans. Although a passerby found the 12-foot-long creature in distress, by the time Greg Skomal and members of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy arrived the creature had died. Last year, three sharks became beached. As reported by the Cape Cod Times: […]

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Candidates and the Environment

For most, the sigh of relief regarding this presidential election is soon approaching. No matter what the outcome is, people will be upset and people will protest. I know in my case, the state of the environment is one of my biggest concerns and decision factors in voting. To me, global warming is the biggest […]

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Watch, Don’t Read

I absolutely love documentaries. Although I indulge in Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, documentaries are usually at the top of my list for recreational viewing. Documentaries are also a reason why I’ve become environmentally engaged. They’re a way for me to get concentrated information in an obviously visual and engaging manner. Here’s a list […]

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