New Dawn for the Dusky Shark

Earlier this month, ocean conservation nonprofit Oceana sued the administration for its failure to address and protect the dusky shark.  Dusky sharks are found throughout world waters, including off of Cape Cod. Considered to be highly migratory, these sharks can live upwards of 40 years but do not reach sexual maturity until they’re about 20, […]

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Almost the final countdown

Once again, I’m back at school. As you can tell by my punctuation, I am super happy about this. To be fair, my classes this semester are fantastic (actually not being sarcastic). My art history professor may be one of the most real professors yet, and my investigative reporting class is … well I can’t […]

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A House in the Sky

Last night I finished A House in the Sky, a memoir by Amanda Lindhout with help from Sarah Corbett. This is an unbelievably inspiring story that focuses on humanity, forgiveness, and the will to live. Amanda’s story is horrifying. Being kidnapped while in Somalia as a freelancer with her friend/ photographer Nigel, she is raped, […]

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Why not

The other day I learned about the Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship and I got the tight knot in the pit of my stomach. I have already missed the internal Northeastern deadline with the national deadline looming in the near future, but I had to apply. A process that takes months, I decided I’d […]

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