A Life of Tides

Around the bend from Wellfleet Harbor, Jim O’Connell slides out of his white Ford F150 into the emerging sand. He clips his olive hip waders onto his belt as the salty waters seep out into Cape Cod Bay. From the shore, his truck is one of many that dot the curving horizon 400 yards off […]

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As a vacation destination resident, I have my favorite local outposts; best homemade ice cream, best soft serve… you catch the drift. I love trying new flavors of just about anything, and although my main men Ben & Jerry never fail me with Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, sometimes you just need to step out of […]

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Meet Nile the whale – up close

By Alexandra Malloy: GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  AUGUST 12, 2015 Growing up in Fort Wayne, Ind., Cynde McInnis was landlocked, only getting to romp in the waves during family vacations to the Jersey Shore. Despite the lack of salt water, whales consumed her thoughts from an early age. “It was really since I was a little kid,” McInnis […]

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